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When you think of an EA, you may think about that person who provides executive support to an individual or team. In the virtual world, an EA has many streams of support and you will find many different specialities.


If you don't find the particular activity or support requirement listed in my services, it doesn't necessarily mean I can't support it. My list of services are continually increasing and collaborations with other VAs means that I have the ability to support you with more than just my own expertise! How wonderful for you because this means you can receive the same personal support from one source without having to set up separate contracts, accounts, invoicing etc. Also, you can have packaged support or ad-hoc on an hourly rate. All pricing available on request as each individual or business requirement vary so much its impossible to list all pricing accurately.

Contact me for a complimentary discovery call/email to find out more about how I can help you with your Business Support.

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