About Us

EA World is owned and operated by Nina Hoven. With over 25 years experience in executive support I have developed a broad range of skills across varied industries including IT, Construction, Health, Finance, Philanthropy, Education and Manufacturing.

I am used to managing complex schedules, extensive travel, business support and with my proven track record of successful events, I won an award for “Best Organised Event” in 2014 and also came Runner Up for the same

category in 2018.

I am pleased to announce that I have just been named the Winner of the Best Organised Event in 2019

Executive PA Awards.

Specialising in event management, you can let go of all the offsite meetings, workshops, strategy days, conferences, parties, retreats, expos, gala dinners and more.

EA World is also committed to supporting EAs in business in various ways. At busy times of the year, an extra pair of hands can make a big difference. Mentoring programs are available as well as the opportunity to have a guest speaker in EA workshops or attend networking events within your business to support EAs.

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